CBJ-DX Contest

South American event in memory of battle occurred in PiauĆ­ state at margins of Jenipapo River in 1823.

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We are a platform developed in Brazil for score amateur radio championships (contests), DX cluster and other tools that help operators in radiosport activities.

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Happy Birthday
Propagation index
Band Day Night
80/40 Poor Good
30/20 Poor Good
17/15 Good Good
12/10 Good Poor
Last update 2024-06-22 23:01:44
Hottest callsigns
Callsign Contacts
PY6HD 92942
PY3PA 84261
CT1DRB 76285
PP5ZP 69525
PT2AW 47361
PP5XA 43256
PP2CS 42882
F6DAY 42301
PY4LH 40049
PY2GTA 38404

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